A story for you

I have discovered that their is a a distinct difference between what I must do and what I want to do, unfortunately I time and time again chose the latter. No longer can… Continue reading

bad art times :(

Call of duty:black ops aka C.O.D:BO is finally out and I’m sure everyone knows qhat this means…End of message.

dark days

Don’t you just hate the winter time, it turns you into the most disgusting creature in existence, a lazy COLD monster! I have spend almost the entire day in bed watching films simply… Continue reading

the things we do.

Greg is a douche bag The things we do for friends, like wasting precious time and all off the above, right now I should be making up for lost time drawing my ass… Continue reading


Body w.i.p Something to show

first stroke

Well, today has been a pretty lazy day unfortunately and I can slowly feel my future slipping away from me, the more time I waste not drawing the harder it will become when… Continue reading

Hello world!

Finally, blogging on the go, a place for my thought 🙂 Its going to be weird blogging again or blogging stuff of genuine interedt to others.

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