It’s been awhile

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Random thoughts. All senses heightened, it’s weird, blurred vision, regardless of how hard I try to fight it. My eyes will betray me tonight, my senses slowed, heavy eyes,heavy everything. It’s weird Tired,… Continue reading




As an artist I felt compelled to do so.   needs some fixing…but yeah 🙂

games games games

Tooo many good games coming out and not enough money or time to enjoy them 😦 I’m already behind on my mass effecting 2, just about to complete dead space one in time… Continue reading

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I used to be able to answer this question in a heartbeat and I was proud of that, because the other kids couldn’t. I thought it was fantastic that I already knew what… Continue reading

Panorama:are video games bad reply

      This show is actually pissing me off, I have noticed that the media breed poison, I don’t think it is fair to blame the behaviour of your kids on games,… Continue reading

Amazing Artwork #1

This potential series will be about amazing artwork I have found or most likely artwork I have seen on the website “abduzzedo” which right now I think is the best thing since final… Continue reading

what a fail

Well, the first fail of the day being that I failed to read my ticket correctly, e.g the time, AM for PM and stood in the freezing cold waiting for a coach that… Continue reading

for your eyes only

umm, so this is the jazz, I trust you, dont lie to me…you were always my favourite 🙂      

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