Something about PDP

So I have to make a PDP folio, from what I can remember is something to do with my personal development… I don’t really get what constitutes personal development but I hope this… Continue reading

Bluejay progress

After some well needed feedback, I have tweaked the design and I’m truly happy with it 🙂 Update No one likes screen grabs 😦

So I’m still drawing

House keeping

just recently added some new pages so check them out 🙂

A pencil is a dangerous tool in the right hands

This what I have been up to lately

Stephen Di

I discovered this great artist while I was on my usual daily internet surfing and saw a few eye catching and different posters about planets reminiscent of the late “1950s to mid 1970s”… Continue reading

Michal Dziekan

Ars Thanea

Boris Pelcer

The usefulness of art is sometimes overlooked.

Im famous!

just a day in the life…of a trendsetter 😉 I saw this guy in the shopping mall and I started following his every move before I asked him if i could take his… Continue reading

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