Technical demo

I never thought I would ever think this let alone write. But I actually learnt something extremely useful today in my lecture which is a surprise because it hasn’t happened before! Most of… Continue reading

Typography poster 1

I thought It was about time I tried this InDesign jazz. I jumped in the program and this is what I came up with, it is a qoute from the amazing film In… Continue reading

She is beautiful

My intention was to practice drawing faces, I thought it would be best to strengthen my weaker areas…I tried it, it came out crap so I decided to browse the web and then… Continue reading

Still drawing..

just a thought..

One thing artists suffer from, me included is why? Why is he or she better than me? How can they do that? Etc. And the simple answer which some people will never come… Continue reading


I was bored.

Planetary rage-PDP

A while back I wrote a post about a fantastic graphic designer called stephen Di Donato and his Beoyond Earth poster series. I may have mentioned my attempt at an interpretation but I… Continue reading

Making posters PDP

Making posters has never been my forte, so when I am tasked to create one I have already told myself it is going to be rubbish. And surprise surprise it is. I was… Continue reading

Finally using some colour…

I got tired of making or trying to make logos so I decided to pick up the good ol tablet.



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