So the weekend is practically over and I did no art work, I know what your thinking. How could you randy?! I reply, it was easy. I had more pressing matters to attend… Continue reading

The fruits of my labour

So I have been drawing lately and this is my progress. It’s funny how one line out of place can ruin the likeness, still got some ways to go but a good start.… Continue reading

The beginning.

As I mentioned before, I am hitting the books again and hitting them hard! Starting with “the artists complete guide to drawing the head” by William L. Maughan which I have used before.… Continue reading

2012 what’s the plan?

So it’s 2012, yay! What better way to start it off then to scour the web and look at some artwork, wishing it was mine. Wishing I was as good as them, wishing… Continue reading

Pick up a pencil again

I think it is about time I pick up a pencil again, staring at a screen isn’t helping my eyes and I haven’t been really happy with the work I have produced of late. so it’s time… Continue reading

Book cover

My first attempt at a book cover. Was made during a tech demo, was meaning to post it up ages ago but now is better than never. Enjoy R.

How bad do you want it?

How Bad Do You Want It from Greyskale Multimedia LLC on Vimeo. Very powerful message, sometimes we forget. this is a reminder.

Saturn Watch

Marko Vuckovic, I want this watch! How much is it and can I get a discount? This is another reason why artists are the best people in the world, everyone should love us!… Continue reading

House keeping

First of all I would like to say thank you to everyone has liked my posts and started following my blog, really appreciate it. It’s nice to have support when it comes to… Continue reading

TYPOgraphy hunt.

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