Some people might find what I’m About to write completely alien and others will wholehearted agree. When I look at art, I am unsure about the future and what path I will take,… Continue reading

Basic HTML

This is a basic HTML tutorial. Just a recap on everything we have learnt so far in the tech demos. First of all, HTML stands for hyper text markup language(so I have been… Continue reading

what im doing

A Concept for an idea.


Minimalist posters by Anneke Short. Posted by @pedrosalma

Re-baby steps

About a week ago( I think) I posted about a very badly draw image saying I was going to use it for illustrator illustration. I have changed my mind, I have now draw… Continue reading

What a weekend

Well this weekend has been interesting… Productive and destructive I would say, been drawing as you do, painting and reading, all the important stuff to me. Some people may not have noticed but… Continue reading



Ballerina again

My obsession with ballerina has levelled up again, enjoy. These are wips. R

Baby steps

Not my best work but I needed a practise run before I attempted the “she is beautiful” work. The difference between my “animal kingdom” and this one is the fact that this piece… Continue reading

the shop

This post is simple to inform you of all the cool thing going on in my society6 shop, check it out! R

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