Where I’m at

Now that my course is technically over for the rest of the year am I ready to hit the books! I know what your thinking,Randy you should relax, why would you want to… Continue reading

Final Thoughts

So this will be the last post of my PDP for the year so lets us reflect, I would say in terns of progress the year has been a success but not in… Continue reading

My behance

I recently noticed how empty and old my behance profile is right now. I have produced some pretty good work recently and for some reason I haven’t uploaded it, I think I feel… Continue reading

House style

Better late than never I say. these are the stages I went through when creating my house style. As you can see my design went through a lot of changes, me trying to… Continue reading


You decide.

Quick sketches

A few quick 5min landscape sketch to break up the mundane task which is breathing…

Sam Spratt

I’m sure we have all heard about the new/old kid on the block. His name is Sam Spratt and he is awesome. Enough said. you would have come across him sooner or later,… Continue reading

Revision-type and other things

I was thinking about the last post and how I wasn’t happy with one of the posters so I revised it. R.

Type and other things.

I have been trying to “master” type for a while, I’m a sucker for a typographic poster and infographs, something about them just hits the right spot. I been hording fonts for a… Continue reading

Time to stop

I have been drawing this for ages and it’s about time I stopped. Just thought I would post up the multiple stages the drawing went through. It’s time to stop tweaking this, it… Continue reading

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