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Final Thoughts

So this will be the last post of my PDP for the year so lets us reflect, I would say in terns of progress the year has been a success but not in… Continue reading

House style

Better late than never I say. these are the stages I went through when creating my house style. As you can see my design went through a lot of changes, me trying to… Continue reading

what im doing

A Concept for an idea.


Minimalist posters by Anneke Short. Posted by @pedrosalma

What a weekend

Well this weekend has been interesting… Productive and destructive I would say, been drawing as you do, painting and reading, all the important stuff to me. Some people may not have noticed but… Continue reading



the shop

This post is simple to inform you of all the cool thing going on in my society6 shop, check it out! R

Pick up a pencil again

I think it is about time I pick up a pencil again, staring at a screen isn’t helping my eyes and I haven’t been really happy with the work I have produced of late. so it’s time… Continue reading

what do you want to be when you grow up?

I used to be able to answer this question in a heartbeat and I was proud of that, because the other kids couldn’t. I thought it was fantastic that I already knew what… Continue reading

Panorama:are video games bad reply

      This show is actually pissing me off, I have noticed that the media breed poison, I don’t think it is fair to blame the behaviour of your kids on games,… Continue reading

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