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It’s been awhile. I’ve moved for the time being

So I have updated this in like forever and it will be an even longer time for my next update on this blog mainly because I have moved to here I would… Continue reading

Summer feast

Unfortunately we have some disgustingly talented artists in the world and we are all fighting for the crown. While everyone else is dancing and playing in the summer heat I will report to… Continue reading

Mixed media

This doesn’t merit a blog post if I’m going to be honest but it will be regardless. I have decided that I am going to stop drawing for a bit and bring some… Continue reading

Where I’m at

Now that my course is technically over for the rest of the year am I ready to hit the books! I know what your thinking,Randy you should relax, why would you want to… Continue reading

My behance

I recently noticed how empty and old my behance profile is right now. I have produced some pretty good work recently and for some reason I haven’t uploaded it, I think I feel… Continue reading


You decide.


Some people might find what I’m About to write completely alien and others will wholehearted agree. When I look at art, I am unsure about the future and what path I will take,… Continue reading

Re-baby steps

About a week ago( I think) I posted about a very badly draw image saying I was going to use it for illustrator illustration. I have changed my mind, I have now draw… Continue reading

What a weekend

Well this weekend has been interesting… Productive and destructive I would say, been drawing as you do, painting and reading, all the important stuff to me. Some people may not have noticed but… Continue reading


So the weekend is practically over and I did no art work, I know what your thinking. How could you randy?! I reply, it was easy. I had more pressing matters to attend… Continue reading

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