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It’s been awhile. I’ve moved for the time being

So I have updated this in like forever and it will be an even longer time for my next update on this blog mainly because I have moved to here I would… Continue reading

Finished Poster

The Friendzone

We have all been here or currently are… I wanted to express this the only way I know Enjoy R

Exhibition Brief

Brief one:OHMMM Poster Brief two: Drink and Draw Poster I chose the latter. My aim is to create a poster that focuses on the core ethos of the drink and draw, which is… Continue reading

Sam Spratt

I’m sure we have all heard about the new/old kid on the block. His name is Sam Spratt and he is awesome. Enough said. you would have come across him sooner or later,… Continue reading

Re-baby steps

About a week ago( I think) I posted about a very badly draw image saying I was going to use it for illustrator illustration. I have changed my mind, I have now draw… Continue reading

Ballerina again

My obsession with ballerina has levelled up again, enjoy. These are wips. R

Baby steps

Not my best work but I needed a practise run before I attempted the “she is beautiful” work. The difference between my “animal kingdom” and this one is the fact that this piece… Continue reading

Planetary rage-PDP

A while back I wrote a post about a fantastic graphic designer called stephen Di Donato and his Beoyond Earth poster series. I may have mentioned my attempt at an interpretation but I… Continue reading

Bluejay progress

After some well needed feedback, I have tweaked the design and I’m truly happy with it 🙂 Update No one likes screen grabs 😦

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