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It’s been awhile. I’ve moved for the time being

So I have updated this in like forever and it will be an even longer time for my next update on this blog mainly because I have moved to here I would… Continue reading

Progress report from the Batcave

It has been a really long time since I updated this. Here is what I have been up to 🙂

Finished Poster

The Friendzone

We have all been here or currently are… I wanted to express this the only way I know Enjoy R

Exhibition Brief

Brief one:OHMMM Poster Brief two: Drink and Draw Poster I chose the latter. My aim is to create a poster that focuses on the core ethos of the drink and draw, which is… Continue reading

House style

Better late than never I say. these are the stages I went through when creating my house style. As you can see my design went through a lot of changes, me trying to… Continue reading

Revision-type and other things

I was thinking about the last post and how I wasn’t happy with one of the posters so I revised it. R.

Book cover

My first attempt at a book cover. Was made during a tech demo, was meaning to post it up ages ago but now is better than never. Enjoy R.

TYPOgraphy hunt.

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