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It’s been awhile. I’ve moved for the time being

So I have updated this in like forever and it will be an even longer time for my next update on this blog mainly because I have moved to here I would… Continue reading

Sketchbook from the cave

Haven’t updated my blog in a while so here is an update! Just a charcoal sketch I did a couple weeks ago and it is the first time I have signed my work!… Continue reading

Progress report from the Batcave

It has been a really long time since I updated this. Here is what I have been up to 🙂

Summer feast

Unfortunately we have some disgustingly talented artists in the world and we are all fighting for the crown. While everyone else is dancing and playing in the summer heat I will report to… Continue reading

Finished Poster

Exhibition Brief

Brief one:OHMMM Poster Brief two: Drink and Draw Poster I chose the latter. My aim is to create a poster that focuses on the core ethos of the drink and draw, which is… Continue reading

Mixed media:RE

A few month ago I said I would move away from the computer and focus on drawing traditionally more…that was more or less I lie; I tried to but it didn’t really work… Continue reading

Mixed media

This doesn’t merit a blog post if I’m going to be honest but it will be regardless. I have decided that I am going to stop drawing for a bit and bring some… Continue reading

Where I’m at

Now that my course is technically over for the rest of the year am I ready to hit the books! I know what your thinking,Randy you should relax, why would you want to… Continue reading

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