Basic HTML

This is a basic HTML tutorial.
Just a recap on everything we have learnt so far in the tech demos.

First of all, HTML stands for hyper text markup language(so I have been told)
Also the internet was created tim berners lee. he currently works for the worldwide web consortium.

Back to the tutorial…
Common Tags

heading -from sizes 1-6


<ahref (something to do with a link)

The program to use is notepad for PC, the most basic text editor. (for mac it is Textedit, you have to change a few setting first. first, you must make it plaintext and the something about preferences and changing something, unfortunately I cant show you because I dont own a mac so lets move swiftly on.

So now I am going to show you how to change the background colour of your webpage.

hopefully this makes sense at the moment.

This is how you change the background color, hopefully you noticed it is american spelling of the word. Also I think it is well known color names. you can also use a background image, but right now I can’t remember :/
One thing I can say is simplify the file name and keep all the files together.

Moving on to something slightly more complex for a noob like myself.
Formatting text, changing fonts,bold,italics,paragrapghs, page breaks and font color.

…unfortunately I have run into a few problems and I have forgotten the next steps..

For a better tutorial, I apologize for how crap it was, its my first one.
Check w3schools for more info.

Thanks for viewing.