Technical demo

I never thought I would ever think this let alone write. But I actually learnt something extremely useful today in my lecture which is a surprise because it hasn’t happened before! Most of the time I have been waking up and wasting time getting ready to go into Uni and recap over stuff I already know, because I currently know a lot! And yes. That was just an example of artistic snobbery, get used to it! Haha.

Minor rant to the side, we had another crack that indesign which has recently become my second baby, sorry photoshop. I really enjoyed this session, from what I remember indesign is the master of type, typography the name.
(I have lost my train of thought, thanks Greg so this is going to sound random
From here on!)

Since I have been trying out typographic poster what I learnt today was, dare I call it invaluable? Tracking, kerning and leading. I have new found respect for type and the amount of effort it takes for a typographic poster to look awesome or just type in general. With my new found knowledge my next poster should utilise what I have learnt in this session and I should see a huge difference between the previous one, one begin crap and the other being slightly less crap.

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