Panorama:are video games bad reply




This show is actually pissing me off, I have noticed that the media breed poison, I don’t think it is fair to blame the behaviour of your kids on games, personally, if I’m brutally honest I think it is down to bad parenting, yeah I said it!
You probably didn’t expect that, its simple, you gave your children way to much freedom at an early age, so much that your authority is as harmless as the air we breathe(most of the time) when you say stop they continue, for example, how can your child be brave enough to kick off when you turn the internet off to stop then playing online?

My kids would know that type of behaviour is an instant ass whooping!… My point is, its not acceptable

I keep hearing the same games that keep coming up ” world of warcraft and modern warefare” when I see the type of people play, I just think they can’t be saved, they look like losers, they actually have nothing better to do! I don’t blame the developers, they are just fulfilling their dreams, creating something for almost everyone to enjoy and good for them, but then at the same time don’t say stupid thing like “we did this on purpose”
Because when you do that you have no leg to stand on, everyone need to remember that they have a choice and there is line between reality and your gaming world, its common sense, I don’t like the fact that use “no stupid people” should have to suffer because of this small minority of douche bags that don’t know when to stop, I will hold my hand up and say that I have been completely engrossed by a game that I haven’t eaten or even worse but at the same time I have done the same thing for art, so does that mean I’m addicted? No it doesn’t, because I know that I have my limits and if I don’t eat I may die :s

Back to the media and technology, you have partially created this monster, and you continue to hype it up with the way you portray this apparent”problem”

This blame game is ridiculous and it is so typical, this programme was a pile of bullshit, it was completely one sided, it was made just to make good tv and for the controversy, must we dramatize everything?

I’m gonna stop now, because we could be here forever.


Thank you very much :itsjuliahardy



I agree with everything you have so say 🙂