what a fail

Well, the first fail of the day being that I failed to read my ticket correctly, e.g the time, AM for PM and stood in the freezing cold waiting for a coach that doesn’t exist!
Then, realising this having to buy a new ticket, highly priced compared to my previous one. oh, almost forgot to mention the numerous fails in my flat, forgot to to pack my soundcard for my laptop which has now rendered it useless, ruining my plans for home, no music or art tutorials!
Forgot to pack Tupperware, so no homemade food for the journey back đŸ˜¦ and I left my flat in a state!

…Yea, back to the whole coach ticket thing, bought another one which was then delayed for about 15-20mins which probably doesn’t sound long, but in the COLD it is like an hour! And to top it off I’m hungry and my amazing one of a kind laptop BACKPACK, which had a tear back in 09 thanks to a stupid nigerian boy!
Well thanks stupid nigerian boy, the tear has reopened, perfect timing right?! I will be lucky if I make it home with two straps!!

Dear national express employee,
Your lucky I didn’t climb over the counter you stupid women, about 15mins…which she said twice, and my favour being “its just round the corner” which one you fool, I ended up waiting about an hour because the stupid driver was have difficulty checking tickets!